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unicornsandwrackspurts asked: BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD! Once you have been given this award, you are supposed to paste it in the ask of 8 people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it’s always sweet to know that someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out. <3 :)

Anonymous asked: Please... draw me a sheep.

contammination asked: How do you get effeminate men to like you? (Fisheye, for example)

I honestly do not know. If someone thinks that they do, please tell me so that I can stop it.

Anonymous asked: You are always stoic... Can you teach me how to control emotions? :)

I really cannot. Can you please teach me how to express my emotions?

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contammination asked: If you were to roll with Spandex Cowl, what would your Batmobile (errr.. Maskmobile? Tuxedomobile?) look like?

I would probably pimp out my Alfa Romeo SZ to become the Tuxemobile, and rescue maidens with its fine upholstery.

Anonymous asked: Oh, Tuxedo Mask, why aren't you in the Justice League? You're rich and classy like Batman but he's in and you're not.

I would tell you if I could but they never reply to my Tuxedo Letters.

Anonymous asked: I accidentally all your roses. ALL of your roses. Is this bad?

You may need to see a doctor. Fortunately, I am a doctor.

It’s bad.

That will be $400.

Anonymous asked: TUXEDO MASK! You're dating Usagi? But I know for a fact she's dating Mamoru!

I- I’m not dating her. She is… merely a very close friend whom I buy birthday presents for. I would never want to step on the toes of such a handsome and kind young man as Mamoru.

Anonymous asked: What you bought for Usagi's last birthday? Was she happy?

I surprised her and ordered her a chocolate and strawberry cake with white chocolate trimmings and fresh cream that was four feet tall. She seemed happy, yes.

Anonymous asked: If you weren't destined to become king of the world, what career path would you follow? Or what will you do in the meantime before you will no longer have that chance?

Well, my dream is to become a doctor. It’s what I’m studying at university for at the moment. When I become King, I will still be a qualified doctor, so that I can help people in the same way as Usako does.